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Sha-Rone Kushnir
Artist: Sha-Rone Kushnir

Listen Tracks Song Description
Angel of Redemption Sound Track/FX/Seasonal
So My Own Contemporary Rock
Fire Burning Contemporary Rock
Vocalise From Angels Sound Track/FX
Rain Contemporary Rock
The Core Of The Universe Sound Track/FX
Blood & Veins Contemporary Rock
X-Ter Sound Track/FX
Conversations New Age Mood
What's True Contemporary Rock
Ilayas Dream New Age Mood
Love Your Self New Age Mood
Angels Contemporary Rock
Don't Be Afraid Contemporary Rock
Sex Scene IL Ya Sound Track/FX
Al New Age Mood
El Yeshuati New Age Mood
Twilight New Age Mood
Darkoid New Age Mood
Scarlett Sound Track/FX
Take Me Contemporary Rock
You Lose RNB Final R & B


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